Inspiring TED talks for creatives


Hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday break and what better way to inspire you back into the creative workflow that listening to some TED talks. Here are a few that I’ve found to really spark the creative in me.

Sarah Knight’s talk on: The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck

I originally read her book, not just in the self help sense, but for the pure joy of how wonderful she writes. It is a real treat. The message is all about simplifying your life down to what really matters to you (think of it as mental decluttering).


Ingrid Fetell Lee: Where joy hides and how to find it.

A really great example of research into creating emotion. Lee looks into happiness, but more importantly what are the tangible aesthetics that give us joy. And makes a great argument questioning why are we not implementing on this knowledge.


Zaria Forman's talk: Drawings that show the beauty and fragility of Earth is a great example of artist’s creating with purpose. And the magic and power that come from using your visual medium to communicate on a global level.


Ever since watching Lizzie Velasquez’s talk on How do you define yourself?, I have found her inspirational. Incredible woman and amazing spirit, really shows that we have no excuse for not going out there and achieving our dreams.


Mel Robbins: How to stop screwing yourself over.

I wasn’t sure whether to include this talk because after initially watching it I didn’t feel overly inspired or uplifted. But as I continued on into my week I started to hear Mel Robbin’s voice telling me about as an adult “it’s now your job to parent yourself” to do the things that you don’t want to do. And Robbin’s talk continues to stick with me.

If there are any other TED talks that you would recommend I would love to hear them (can’t get enough I say).